The New Year's Day paddle has been a KCC tradition for many years. This year, the windchill made us delay the trip until the next day- So we called it 'Plus One!' Instead, we decided to enjoy Larry's hospitality. We met up with other members, ate, laughed, ate, told stories, ate...well, you get the idea.

The next day we had no wind and the temps were warmer, so off we went for a friendly paddle. Thanks to cold-weather gear, we were pretty warm and we had a great time.


The next major event of every year is the series of pool sessions. Held at Muhlenberg HS pool, 7-9 pm, the sessions allow participants to practice their roll in a safe, warm environment. It feels great to get back in the boat while waiting for springtime paddling! Once the boaters have joined KCC and ACA, each session only costs $10. If we don't have your ACA number from past years, please bring your ACA card.


Our Paddling skills workshops are intended to help beginners improve their skills. We have a pool session with detailed instruction, we offer a classroom session that introduces gear, boats and clothing, and both flatwater and moving water experiences.
Watch the Calendar of events on the Message Board for definite dates for the Workshops. The '09 Series is scheduled for April 5th, May 17th, May 30th, May 31st. Contact Larry for more info.


The KCC has been running the Regatta for at least 38 years, usually accompanied by the PreRegatta the week before. Basically, these events are run on a 12-13 mile stretch of the Schuylkill. In the last few years, the put-in has been Peter Yarnell Park just north of Leesport. The take-out this year will again be beautiful Jim Dietrich Park near Reading.
Some people think of the PreRegatta as practice for the Regatta race, others just enjoy the chance to paddle and have a good time. We also watch the river for downed branches or other obstructions which might be a hazard for paddlers. Come on out and join us for either of these two Schuylkill River events! For the PreRegatta, call Jim Showalter- 484-269-6513 For the Regatta, call Sandy Powell, 610-857-5687.


Each month, May through October, the KCC organizes moonlight paddles. They might be at Blue Marsh, at Marsh Creek State Park, at Lake Nockamixon, or other places. Usually we meet and put in at 7 pm, and we paddle until 10 or later. We try to schedule all these on a Saturday night, which is why sometimes the trip is before or just after a full moon. Usually the moon makes an appearance while we are paddling, depending on cloud cover. Call Jean Butkus if you'd like to take part: 610-678-5196


During the hot summer months of June, July and August, we usually hold paddling picnics instead of normal membership meetings. These are held at various venues, such as State Hill Launch at Blue Marsh, or Jim Dietrich Park by the Schuylkill River. The club provides hot dogs and drinks, etc., and members bring food of their choice- whatever they feel like making or bringing. We enjoy these potluck lunches, and if the water permits, we go paddling afterwards.
This year, we are planning to paddle down the Tulpehocken Creek from the Stilling Basin at Blue Marsh, take out at Gring's Mill, picnic, and enjoy the music provided by Berks County Parks- sometimes it's Toad Creek Ramblers, Basic-ly Brass, or one of the other Summer Music Series Concerts!


One of the activities we most enjoy is going on various trips. It might be Pine Creek at Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Rock Hall, MD, Great Egg Harbor River near Mays Landing, NJ, and many other places. Generally, we leave on a Friday night, paddle Saturday and Sunday, and leave Sunday afternoon. Most of the time we camp, usually tenting, with the car nearby. The campgrounds are clean, with modern facilities for the most part, and vary in price from $12- $30, depending on the area. Usually two campers can split a site fee.
This year, we are planning to take a week in Maine, camping and paddling. For more pictures of specific trips, look on the message board. Sounds like fun! Call Tina 610-334-7606 for trips information.


At monthly membership meetings, we have interesting, paddling- related programs that are entertaining and informative. For '09, we are looking forward to Betsy Daley, who will be speaking about canals' Ryan Zerbe, Watershed Specialist who will be speaking about water quality and how the local rivers are tested; Emotion Kayaks, who will explain how their boats are designed and built, and two special club events dealing with River Rescue. Sometimes we have travelers share their adventures and pictures, such as Duke and Ginny Hallicker, speaking about their cross-country hike. All the programs are quite worth-while.


Jutta Gabel leads trips to various flatwater locations, such as Lake Nockamixon and Marsh Creek State Park. They are on Sunday afternoons, and are a wonderful chance to get to know other paddlers while enjoying the scenery. For more information, call Jutta: 610- 678-9270.